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Khun Nueng with the lip treatment 💕 Her skin is very smooth and fresh. Thank you for this lovely picture naka 🙏🏻🙏🏻😊

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Our lovely customers from USA 🥰🙏☺️

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🌸 Guasa Lymph Drain 🌸
A crystal jade massage that helps strengthen your skin by removing waste under the skin to be eliminated at the lymph node

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Deep Pore Cleaning for only 300 baht during the smog problem in our city.
When you choose to do any menu treatment, just add deep cleansing only 300 baht from normal 599 baht. We are willing to help you save money from preventing the health effects of air pollution.


Right now... There's nothing better than a Facial Relaxing Spa menu.
1 hour 15 minutes. Let's get massage to reduce headache and stress. Relax for a while before go back to work agian.
นาทีนี้...ไม่มีอะไรจะเหมาะไปกว่าเมนู สปาหน้าลดความเครียด อีกแล้ว
1ชั่วโมง15นาที นวดกันวนๆไป คลายปวดหัว ...

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Face Massage

  • Facial Radiance Massage 面部提亮按摩

    THB 399.00
    A facial massage with vitamin E serum that helps reduce wrinkles and black spots. This massage also helps reduce and purify clogged pores, the cause of acne and dull skin. 使用维生素E精华素,减少皱纹和黑斑。 按摩使精华素进入皮肤,去除积聚在皮肤下的废物, 减少因堵塞导致痤疮和暗沉的皮肤。
  • Gol Geun Facial Lifting Massage “科根”紧致按摩

    THB 450.00
    A Korean massage that helps firming up your face. By stimulating your facial muscles, this massage also helps reduce wrinkles, the cause of aging skin. 韩式按摩,使脸部瘦小,皮肤紧致, 按摩刺激面部肌肉,有助于使皱纹消失。
  • Guasa Lymph Drain Massage 驱散淋巴刮痧按摩

    THB 550.00
    A crystal jade massage that helps strengthen your skin by removing waste under the skin to be eliminated at the lymph node. This massage also helps increase radiant skin as well as reduce swollen face due to alcohol and lack of sleep by stimulating blood circulation. 用玉片按压,将废弃毒素移动到淋巴结,由淋巴结驱散,刺激血液循环、使脸光彩照人, 减少因休息少或饮酒而引起的脸部肿胀。
  • The Swedish massage 瑞典式按摩

    THB 450.00
    The Swedish massage is the most common and best-known type of massage in the West. Swedish massage promotes relaxation, among other health benefits. Therapists utilize this type of massage to stimulate circulation, flush the circulatory system, release tight muscles, restore range of motion, and to relieve pain. 传统的欧洲按摩技术,是最容易接受的一种按摩方式。利用油按摩肌肉,增强体液循环,缓解肌肉紧张及疼痛,能促进体内的新陈代谢,

Face Cleansing

  • Deep Cleansing with Oxygen Spray 用氧气喷雾深度清洁

    THB 599.00
    This is a deep pore cleansing to purify all the clogged skin which cannot be removed from your daily face wash such as dust, foundation, and sweat. 深层清洁,清除日常清洁无法消除的堵塞,如灰尘、粉底霜和运动中出汗。

Face Treatment

  • Facial Moisturizing Course 保湿疗程

    THB 650.00
    This is a highly moisturizing treatment that helps freshen up your skin from insufficient skin care, burnt from sunlight, and dry skin- a cause of wrinkle. With this treatment, your skin will be soft and healthy-balanced. 是一种保湿疗法,清爽肌肤,令肌肤得到滋养。 晒太阳后或干燥的皮肤,可能会导致皱纹产生,此疗程使皮肤柔软滋润 ,回到健康的水分平衡。
  • Facial Relaxing Spa 面部减压护理

    THB 950.00
    It is a full-course nourishing facial skin treatment. Facial cleansing starts by using hygienic warm towel to open facial pores. Gentle massage with coconut milk cream is a next step to relieve facial muscles. Facial masking with head massage also helps you relax and improve your sleep quality. Cool hygienic towel will be used to tighten the pores before aromatic rice milk cream and sunscreen is applied to your facial skin as the final treatment. 面部全面年轻化。首先清洁表面,使用热消毒织物打开毛孔,轻轻按摩,用椰奶霜缓解脸部肌肉紧张,按摩面膜和头部按摩放松,减少紧张并放松精神,使睡眠更有效。然后用凉爽的布收紧毛孔,最后涂抹含有米浆气味的保湿霜和防晒霜。
  • Brightening Skin Treatment 美白护理

    THB 1,250.00
    This treatment is designed to help adjust your complexion to be healthier and more radiant. The products used for this treatment are all selected to help reduce your color pigment as well as to help your skin to be soft, smooth, and radiant. 一种旨在提亮肤色的护理。 选择用于治疗的所有阶段的产品以提亮肤色。 使皮肤白皙光滑亮丽。
  • Face Lifting Treatment 面部紧致护理

    THB 1,390.00
    This treatment is combined with a massage to help stimulate your facial muscles as doing facial exercise and the advanced intensive skincare to uplift your skin firmness and moisture. It also helps prevent your facial skin from wrinkles and lose of elasticity. 在不造成伤口的情况下收紧面部, 按摩有助于刺激皮肤下的肌肉更好地工作, 类似脸部的运动 与产品的浓度,保持皮肤紧致。 恢复肌肤的紧致和光泽,防止皱纹和面部下垂。
  • Acne Treatment 痤疮治疗和预防

    THB 1,190.00
    This treatment is suitable for those who have sensitive skin and acne problems. It will help reduce clogged pores, inflammation from acne, and prevent new acne regeneration. 适合有痤疮和敏感皮肤的人士。 有助于减少毛孔堵塞、减少皮肤炎症, 包括充分预防粉刺重复再生。
  • Gentlemen Facial Treatment 男士面部护理

    THB 890.00
    The products used in this treatment are all selected to deeply exfoliate and cleanse all gentlemen facial skin. With the appropriate massage, facial muscles will be stimulated to help prevent wrinkles and to be more freshen up. 是男士皮肤保养最有效的治疗方法, 按摩的力度适合放松和刺激肌肉,以对抗衰老。
  • Intensive Serum 高浓度血清按摩

    THB 1,450.00
    In this treatment, highly intensive advanced essence will be applied to your skin. This essence will go through the deep layer of your facial skin to efficient fulfill wrinkles and acne pits. It also helps regenerate new skin cells as well as smoothen your skin. 手在皮肤表面向下推拿 ,以滋养深层皮肤, 再加上刺激皮肤细胞的再生、 减少皱纹、抚平肌肤。
  • Monthly Special Treatment 特殊生理期

    New and special treatment designed for each different season. For further information, please contact Candice 特别设计,有异国情调的治疗。 根据季节而不同 ,欲了解更多信息,请联系CANDICE


2 months ago
I was amazed that their service is super great for price. Good hospitality and good technic and very clean. If you are looking for facial spa at affordable price and trustworthy spa, i highly recommend here. No wonder they've got five star review.
- Mika H
3 days ago
Had a facial for the first time. I ask a lot of questions and she was able to answer them all! Was very impressed
- Baokaew S
5 months ago
From start to finish this was a wonderful experience. The owner was on hand to guide me to the best treatment. I wanted extraction (no pain no gain!) but I wanted to pair it with something else, so I did a cleanse. They have a nice punch card and I'm looking forward to Service: During the extraction the aesthetician was sensitive and moved at my pace. She paused a couple of times to let me catch my breath and shed a tear or two. She even asked if I wanted to continue to do more extractions during that session, or to come back another time. After we were done with extraction she pumped cold air lightly across my face to soothe it. Even though we went for quite some time, and my skin is sensitive, there was hardly any redness! Products: Smooth, natural and smell great. Ambiance: Calming, and gives a feeling of luxury without a massively high price point Overall exceptional service and kind staff, I will be sure to visit again!
- Barrak A

Facial Massage, Treatments and Beauty

Candice is the first facial spa in Chiangmai which is certified by Ministry of Public Health to confirm the quality and safety of our services for all of our beloved customers. We have facial massages, treatments and various type of skin care products.

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